Identity Theft Protection

Commerce and Banking channels are multiplying and providing consumers more ways to transact than ever before. From physical channels like credit card, Debit card, Cheques, ATMs, and point of sales terminals To digital channels like ACH, wire internet, Telephone, Mobile Devices and crypto currencies. Consumer businesses merchants and financial institutions all benefit from anytime anywhere commerce but there’s a dark side. Sophisticated fraud threats are multiplying even faster malware and Trojans, account takeover and identity theft, credit abuse and bust out scams, ACH and wire fraud, data breaches, money laundering and employee fraud. In fact a single data breach can compromise tens of millions of account holder in a matter of seconds. These treats put consumers, businesses merchants and banks at risk for sudden and potentially huge financial losses. They slow commerce and inhibit business growth and damaged reputations customer trust and loyalty. While everyone should do their part in fraud prevention. You must act fast to keep up with the onslaught of threats. You need a solution with rapid implementation which produces results from day one. One which leverages shared data and platforms real time analytics as treats evolve. Our Identity Theft Protection system has deep domain expertise and access to global fraud intelligence. It is made for prevent data and fraud. So get the most out of it.

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Fraud protection As part of Fraud Protection membership, you will be enrolled into a benefit of fraud protection that will ensure you are covered from any fraud due to loss/theft, skimming, counterfeiting, phishing, online usage and PIN based frauds.
ATM Assaults and Robbery- If you become a victim of a robbery shortly after an ATM withdrawal or you are injured during the robbery, In such event, You would be covered upto Rs.25000 as Damage insurance and Rs 5000 for Medical Expense.
Lost or Stolen wallet cover- If your wallet lost or stolen, This insurance would cover the cost of the lost and stolen wallet. Application fees for applying for the new payment cards will also be covered.
Valuable document protection : If you become hapless victim of identity theft e.g. PAN, Aadhaar Card, Debit Card, Credit Card, Mutual fund, Insurance or any financial offences. The insurance would cover the expenses include reasonable legal expenses, lost wages, expenses that you are obligated to pay for unauthorized credit account usage and miscellaneous expenses incurred as a result of identity theft.